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  • WOI Devastation Player Guide

    New Player Guide;

    Market Free Server
    • Players can get Demigod Title from Zen Market
    • Level 6 Gems Free
    • Zen Market now sells Devastation Gift LV 45. This pack contains the lv45 gear and lv60 gear packs, which gives you the lv60 gear and lv90 packs whcih give lv90 gear and lv100 pack which then finally gives you lv105 Deity gear set and lv85 OO set.
    • Most Bosses have been buffed and drop Fake Deva Currency
    • End Game Bosses and Cerb and Stomper and Shadow Fenrir and Titan Spirit drop Deva Currency
    • All Fashions gives OM status but not set Bonus from Deva Fashion NPCs
    • Salary Cards can be exchanged at Deva Exchanger NPC
      • Need Words: Cult of the Wyrm X100
    • At Level 110+ you can farm on Crystal Realm for Coins
    • POD , DH , EL , Redzone people can hunt you so watch it
    • All Endgame Bosses Have AM spawn times Times 00:30 , 04:00 , 08:00 , 08:30 , 10:30 Spawns
    • Arena also has AM times (coming soon)
    • Legions can only have Max of 12 Members & 2 legions per Alliance
    • Upgrading your current Deity Gears
      • Takes less Decide Crystal and Infernal Proof / Decide Core and Infernal Core
    • How to Upgrade Level 85 OO set simple It takes 10 Decide Crystal each to get Lv 100 OO set
      • Lv 100 to Lv 110 takes 20 Decide Crystal each
      • Lv 110 to Lv 120 takes 5 Oracle Origin each
      • Lv 120 to Lv 130 Takes 10 Oracle Origin each
    • How to Upgrade Gems you have to use Perfect Embed Charm on Salary market
      • In order to upgrade your gems you have to use the new Perfect Embed Charm in the Salary Market.
      • Follow the Gem Upgrade Guide for more info
    • Gold Roan: If you have x1000 Silver Roan in your bag, just Right Click it to make x1 Gold Roan
    • Coins can be Right Clicked instantly
      • Consumes all to give you Coins
    • Green Key stone Relic Combine make sure You only have 200 of each in your bag
      • Don't keep more so Total 600 & Talk to Deva Currency NPC he combines that for you instantly . no coin consumed
    • Demon Golden Pack Now Drops Both parts of Apollo
    • PS ; Any use of Pet Bug Exploit will Cost You Auto Deletion of Pets and Your Character Permanently BANNED. (BE CAREFUL)
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