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    Leveling Guide

    This guide is based on my personal experiences.
    If you have any concerns about this guide, kindly contact me via these following ways:
    In game: Dusk
    Forum: comment below
    Discord: Dusk#7935

    Starter pack:
    Please take a minute to read their descriptions. They are very helpful and you will use them a lot during your game time.

    Try to follow and finish quests that give you more EXP. Focus on Scenario quests and ignore others. At lv40, you can use Combat Aid by pressing Z.

    You may rush to kill boss Lilith in Forsaken Ruins at lv10+ a few times till lv40, then do Magnetos event in Atlantis. However, you will miss a lot of quests that will make you have to finish them later (for example: Royal Knight title)

    As you reach lv45, you should be around in Atlantis. Buy this item:

    Come to NPC Hiagara to trade it for gears:

    Press N to view world map and select Rocky Abyss. You may farm here until lv101.

    Press M to view current map and consider which monster you can kill. Try to go deep into Rocky Abyss as you level up.

    Once you hit lv60, use Phasing Compass to go back to Atlantis and buy lv60 gears. (At this level, you should have enough coins to open more slots in Stash. Therefore, try to buy lv90 gears as well so you do not have to go back and forth)

    Go to any NPC Teleporter in Atlantis to get back to Rocky Abyss.

    Rocky Abyss Level 10 is the last map. Here you will get a lot of coins, yet you will level up a bit slower.
    However, this is a good trick for those who want to consume their time irl while farming:
    Put this coin dropped from monsters into Combat Setting under Every ### sec. use this item.
    (Thanks Deva Staff for making this possible by right-clicking the coin to consume instead of selling to a merchant)

    For the word set (LEGEND-DARY-CRU-SADE), you can trade them to NPC Smirna or right-click for Salary which is super neccessary and important as they are hard to obtain.

    At lv60 and lv90, you may talk to NPC Elora in Atlantis (261,210) for free lv90 soul gears which give you extra buffs.

    Lv101-110: Plain of Despair (231,184)

    Lv110-115: Devil's Heart (208,128)

    Lv115-120: Sunken Ridge (65,188) or (249,241)

    Lv120-150: Elysium (check current map while staying in Atlantis to get there) (106,210) or Twilight Battlefield (inside Elysium) (uwu,uwu)

    During your leveling time from lv101-150, shine in every events! To check what events you can attend, press Y.
    People mostly attend these events because of higher EXP and "nice" loots:

    - Paladin Trial (lv50+)
    - Dragon Slayer (lv60+)
    - Heimdallr's Call (lv70+)
    - Shadow Manor (lv90+)
    - Zodiac Temple (lv75+)
    - Colosseum (lv75+)
    - Primordial Games (lv113+)
    - Runic Trench (lv115+)
    - Sundered Asylum (lv110+)

    As you walking in front of Sundered Asylum at Cronos' Court, you will see a boss called Selene - XIV LV115. Try to kill it, then bring this scale to NPC Sindry in Atlantis for a huge EXP.