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  • Pet Focus Orbs

    OK so the time has come to tackle pet focus orbs, we will begin by understanding how to select the correct orbs for your pets,

    Focus orbs are divided into three categories.



    We start by identifying each focus's primary stat:

    From the yellow table above we can identify that ACUITY is related to CRIT CHC when dealing with yellow orbs, so for this guide we will select an undead claymore as it's maximum stat for acuity is higher than the other stat's.
    This Mark's it as this orbs PRIMARY STAT,

    Higher level focus's may contain 2 Primary stats.

    after capturing a ton of undead claymore souls we can begin the smelting process.
    What to look for:
    1. Talents - Each orb can have up to 3 talents, Stats highlighted as a talent grow more as you improve the focus, so smelting until you gain a talent on the chosen stat, CRIT in this case if your first goal.

    2. Meld's - Each focus can be melded with up to 15 times, this process is used to improve your base orb (above) stat's.
    The goal to get as close to perfect with all 4 stats and have meld's left to improve upon it's growth rate.

    3. Set a target - by the half way point in your meld's you should be looking at these stats as a minimum, if your just not having the luck getting the meld's delete and start fresh the next day, it is a wasteful process but without allowing a cut off point, you'll waste ether, time and money polishing a turd.

    4. Don't rush it - this process is limited by smelt exhaustion, just because u can only smelt a few more orbs today, doesn't mean you have to use up all your meld's.
    The best focus's take weeks to find the right melds for so be patient.

    PS : This guide is not made by me ) was made by someone who new how to play WOI ) ) )
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