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Pet Ascension ( this guide its just to understand the basics of ascension )

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  • Pet Ascension ( this guide its just to understand the basics of ascension )

    Pet Ascension

    Pet Ascension

    These are the findings from many attempts at the pet ascension system, broken down into each stage.

    Sourcing a Pet to ascend.

    Only 2nd Gen and boss pets may be ascended and since the quality will be locked from here onwards it's best to try and source a close to max quality & Growth Pet before you begin.

    Beginning the absorption.
    Upon finding your pet, you can open your pet page,
    select the ascension tab
    Pick your chosen pet from the menu
    Lock it into the ascension tab
    (once locked it cannot be traded, unlocking resets any absorption)

    Upon locking the pet you see what is required.

    Max absorptions: This is the amount of tries you have to reach 100%
    Absorptions: how many tries you have used
    Absorptions Left: how many of your daily absorbs you have left to use

    Star core average: this is the amount each absorptions needs to be in order to reach 100%

    Current Star core: The combined total of the 3 slots potential.

    In order to have a chance at ultimate ascension you have to reset your current star core to be equal or more than the star core average.

    Items Containing Star cores

    Once you have used all of your absorptions, if you have more than 60% on the progress bar, your pet can ascend.
    Hit the "open asc." button at the bottom

    you will see your pets current natural growth quality fortify and boost.

    once u hit ascend your will see the results.

    hit receive to collect your new ascended pet.

    here are some of my current low level test results, all ultimate ascended.

    PS : This guide is not made by me ) was made by someone who new how to play WOI ) )

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