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     Blood Line Guide

    Summary: The Bloodline is a powerful new system introduced in the War of the Immortals Lost Omen expansion that lets you increase your characters power and unlock new skills.

    Requirements: A player must be LV95+ that has completed the Bloodline quest line offered by Ranbotel in Atlantis.
    Ranbotel, Atlantis (206, 199)

    Aspect Slot
    The backbone of the Bloodline system, Aspect Slots can be embedded with Aspects that are used to power your Affinity. You can also visit Ranbotel if you wish to alter your slots to a different Affinity.
    If you prefer to focus on a certain Affinity, you can use Blood Stones to alter them between each of the four types. Just input a Blood Stone, highlight the slot you wish to change and select the Alter button.

    There are four different Affinities that offer unique skills: - The red skills at the top left are Slaughter - The blue skills at the top right are Order - The gold skills at the bottom right are Immortality - The green skills at the bottom left are Nature - The four skills that arent highlighted are the Absolute skills. - They are unlocked and upgraded as your total Affinity increases
    Each Affinity brings with it five unique skills, three passive and two active, that can be upgraded using more powerful Aspects.
    Every Bloodline skill requires a specific amount of one of the four Affinities for it to be activated, with the more powerful skills requiring the most.
    Once you have enough Affinity to unlock the skills you can continue strengthening your Affinity to unlock higher ranks, making them even more powerful.

    Affinity Aura
    After youve chosen an Affinity, or multiple Affinities, to focus on you will see a special effect that appears on your character every 15 sec. This is your Affinity Aura, and it changes depending on your chosen Affinity.
    You can switch off the option to see other players auras or to hide your aura from others from inside the Bloodline interface.

    Aspect Fusion
    If you need a more powerful Aspect you can visit Ranbotel to fuse what you have into more powerful ones, for a price.

    1. A Demigod, Deity, or Titan Aspect that hasnt reached its maximum level. - Aspects normally require Aspect Pearls for fusion. - In order to obtain the highest level Deity and Titan Aspects, you need the highest level Aspect of the rank below it. For example, a Demigod Aspect +5 is required to fuse a Deity Aspect from +7 to +8. These lower level Aspects act just as Aspect Pearls in this case.
    2. Coins: amount varies depending on the level of the Aspect being improved.
    3. Aspect Charms are optional, but they can be very useful as they reduce the penalty when a fusion fails. - Titan Aspects are very rare, so an Aspect Charm is recommended when fusing them.

    1. Input the Aspect you wish to improve into the first box.
    2. Make sure you possess the required fusion material in your bag.
    3. If you want to use an Aspect Charm, select the check box inside the window.
    4. From here, Aspect Fusion becomes a game of chance.
    4a. Every time you fuse the Aspect by selecting one of the three buttons theres a chance the Elemental Blessing you receive will be either Water or Fire. 4b. There are three types of Fusion: - Water - Fire - Common
    4c. Your goal is to match the Fusion with the Elemental Blessing received to increase your chances of a successful fusion. - If you choose Water Fusion and receive a Water Blessing, the chances of a successful Fusion will increase by 10%. On the other hand, should you choose Water Fusion and receive a Fire Blessing, the chances of success will decrease by 10%. - Choosing Common Fusion does not affect your chances of success, no matter which Blessing is received.

    Related Items:

    Destiny Items
    A. Acquired during Ranbotels Bloodline quests.
    B. These unlock your Aspect Slots:
    -The Destiny Fragment unlocks slots 1 and 2
    -The Destiny Shard unlocks slots 3 and 4
    -The Destiny Relic unlocks slot 5
    -The Destiny Heirloom unlocks slot 6
    C. Destiny Relics and Heirlooms are unavailable at this time.

    A. They come in three tiers: - Demigod Aspects - Deity Aspects - Titan Aspects
    B. Demigod Aspects can be obtained from Heimdallrs Call, the Legion Merchant, and the Arena Shop.
    C. Deity Aspects can be obtained from the Legion Merchant and wild bosses.
    D. Participate in Siege of Rites, Battle Royal, or defeat Sleipnir to receive Aspect Shards, which can be combined to form Titan Aspects.
    E. They can be embedded into your Aspect Slots to power your Affinity, or used in Fusion to create more powerful Aspects.
    F. The stronger the Aspect, the more powerful the Affinity becomes when its embedded.

    Blood Stone - Can be purchased in the Marketplace (1 ZEN) - Used to alter Aspect Slots to a different Affinity

    Aspect Pearl - Can be found in the Everstill Lands, Plain of Despair, Asgard, and the Defiled Paradise - Used during Aspect Fusion

    Aspect Charm - Can be purchased in the Marketplace (1 ZEN) - Reduces the penalty when an Aspect Fusion fails

    PS : This guide is not made by me ) was made by someone who new how to play WOI )

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