First of id like to thank our loyal players and new players also who waited patiently for the new patch as it was delayed due to a couple of bugs which have been ironed out.
Here is what was added in the resent patch:
• Player login system only for woi devastation
• Player buff system only for woi devastation
• Berserker, Champion, Slayer, Duelist and Harbinger Class skills range increased
• Champion attack and physical defence increased
• All Class movement speed increased from 3.4 to 6
• Archangel demigod soul and Supreme deity demigod soul added to Deva Currency Store (both give same status)
• All Demigod souls now give increased hp%
• Fake deva currency added to most bosses (need 30 to convert to 1 deva currency)
• Bosses got boosted must take a party
• New Pets added to Deva Gold Exchanger Atlantis(205,131): (Valkyrie int/int str/str vit/int vit/str) (Nikas int/int str/str vit/int vit/str) (Radient vit/int vit/str) (Elve`s int/int str/str) (Mindful Thor int/int str/str) (Wild Wind Elf Rui int/int str/str) (Elf Princess Norwen int/int str/str) (Cathy Royal Female Guard vit/int vit/str) (Pictures will be on Forums)
• New Combat Mounts added to Deva Mounts NPC Atlantis(199,205): (Obsidian Turtle Elemental) (Pheonix Feather Elemental/DPS) (Dragons Fury Elemental/DPS) (Odins Wing`s Elemental/DPS)(Pictures will be on forums)
• Added old and new skills to Deva Currency Store Atlantis(209,138): Ultimate Solar Charge, Ultimate Killer`s Instinct, Ultimate Wild Sense, Ultimate Mage`s Instinct, Ultimate Blissful Barrier, Ultimate Gale Force, Ultimate Elemental Might, Ultimate Dark Lineage, Ultimate Dawn Warsong, Ultimate Soul of Valkyrie and Ultimate Ability Boost
• Devils Fruit and Pet Skill Removal charm added to Deva Currency Store
• Added Gemini and Capricorn to Zodiac Temple (can only enter one per day)
• Fake Deva Currency drop rates Gemini and Capricorn Zodiac Temple drop x2 Bosses drop x1
• Boosted Armageddon Origin Deity and Armageddon Origin Infernal Proof drop rate
• LEGEN DARY CRU SADE x100 of each right click to get x2 bound 500 salary cards
• Ancient Bronze Coin, Ancient Silver Coin, Ancient Golden Coin, Ancient Diamond, Ancient Treasure and Ultimate Treasure Coin right click to sell all no need to open shop to sell them
• Psychestone lv8 removed from shop replaced with lv6 (can still combine to make lv8)
• All 5 Deva Badges now have a skill effect
• NPC reply function added (players can see when you visit a deva store)
• Elysium and Twilight Battlefield mobs damage nerfed and exp increased (now farmable)
• All Mounts are now tradable
• All Gear Talismans in salary now show correct visual status
• New 125+ Colosseum Bosses Failed on test server so not added for now
• New Bold font added to make it easier to read
• PSR added to Deva exchanger shop, please not that you cannot remove the Dark Venus, Aphrodite, Earth elf and Gale Elf skills cannot be removed, other pets can be.
• For those whom do not like the new font can download the file!s8J2yKAJ!FKG-dow8ZOZ3qrk5e-8EGQ and replace the file located in your game files.
Images of pets and mounts can be found at
If you find a glitch report it we will fix it anybody found cheating or abusing a glitch will be banned.
If you have any suggestions please go to our forums go to support and submit a ticket with your suggestion
Devastation Team
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Server Wipe

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  • Server Wipe

    Due to recent developments and massive changes scheduled for our WOI server, one of the most common suggestions coming from both players and staff members for improving our playerbase has been a full server wipe .

    Seeing as the new update is right around the corner, we as staff are trying to tie down lose ends and take into consideration any and all suggestions.
    With that being said, we decided to bring this to our playerbase and ask for your help and opinion on the matter.
    Yes, I agree with a server wipe.
    No, I do not agree with a server wipe.

    The poll is expired.

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    Just want to note for everyone who might be wondering, I submitted a vote for 'no' because there were reports from some players who said their votes didn't count when they tried to vote 'no.' My test vote is counted, so it works.

    However, I want to make it clear that my vote doesn't count toward the final count -- it's my choice to remain neutral on such votes.

    ETA: Also. Please, be aware of the fact that we will be verifying all the accounts of the votes to ensure they're valid votes. If people are discovered using unethical means to 'win' the poll, there will be consequences.
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      Vote dont work for some ppl because they are not login or register in Forum simple


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        on my opinion yes there should be a wipe cause for new ppl they dont have the money bags or the PetSkills like the older Accounts. Its hard to get the good Petskills ( they cost a lot) (6-8 per run (cost 80 ) = 10+Days without bounty hunter quests) and maybe server gets more Popular.


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          By wiping the server you may get some new player but will guarantee the lost of most or all old players, so it is up to the staff to choose what is the best for the server