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  • Server Rules

    1. Devastation Gaming Network is an English speaking server. Therefore, English is the ONLY language that is to be spoken in World Chat, WarCry at any given time. Failure to comply will result in a mute.
    2. There is to be NO excessive swearing, vulgarity, sexual comments, racism or flaming from any player or member of staff. Doing so after being warned by a GM will lead to a mute , or a ban, depending on the severity and/or repeat offences.
    3. You are not to fight verbally. No harassing a GM or player for any reason in ANY form of public chat (System, World, Squad, Faction, Normal or Skype) in game or on our website. If you have a problem with someone, send them a Private message in game, or speak to a GM or Administrator.
    4. Extremely offensive (racist, vulgar, drug reference, etc.) names are not allowed. This includes names in another language for characters, guilds and pet names. If you are caught, you will be asked to delete your character, disband the guild or rename the pet. The character will be perm banned. Refusal to comply with this rule could lead to your account(s) being permanently banned.
    5. No having more than 1 character (multi-clienting) outside of safe zone in PvP areas or in ANY event (this includes Nation Wars Osiris Revenge (OR), Territory War (TW). Battle Royal (BR) and Seige of Rite (SoR)) at any time. The only exception is for PW farming areas where you may have more than 1 character outside safe zone (if PK begins you may only use one character) and buffing with a white named alt (it is okay if your char turns pink from buffing) in a PvP area provided that you return it to safe zone immediately after. Refusal to comply will result in a ban of both characters. WoI: 4 Clients max, 3 in Safe Zones and 1 ONLY in PvP/Event Zones (Red and White Maps)"
    6. No hacking , duping, or altering the game to give you an unfair advantage. If you are caught your account will be banned pending an investigation. This could also mean a permanent ban of your accounts. If found to be guilty you could receive a permanent IP ban.
    7. Impersonation of a GM at any time is bannable. This includes characters with an identical or similar name to a GM (also refers to GM in the name). You will be automatically banned from our server.
    8. Impersonating another player with the intent to scam, abuse World Chat, flame players etc. is a bannable offense.
    9. We do not allow bug abuse (glitches) on our server; the punishment for such acts varies depending on the situation.
    10. Selling of account or in game items for real currency is not allowed (i.e.: phone credits, cash, etc). It is also not permitted to sell accounts for in game items. You will be banned on all accounts, including the 'sold' account, for these offences.
    11. Account sharing is at your own risk. If you do it, understand that it is fully at your own risk. If you get your items removed by your friends, you will have to face the consequences yourself, as you were the one to give your information away. Devastation is NOT liable for any items removed from an account that has been shared.
    12. Do not post pornographic links or advertising other games/servers on any chat in game or on the forums.
    13. Misuse/Abuse of the GM help or hack report buttons Or miss use of the ticket system may result in a temporary ban.
    14. Players are NOT to reveal GM alts under any circumstances in any chat. If caught doing so, you will be banned. Punishment is a one week ban. If repeated after first ban, it will result in a permanent ban.
    15. Anyone who accesses the client via an internet café is NOT permitted to become a GM due to security reasons.
    16. No excessive killing/PKing of players in cultivation areas.
    17. PKing/killing your alts to get rankings is not allowed. You will be warned and a ban will be issued if it is continued.
    18. Fake bidding on lands for TW is not permitted. Factions who bid falsely on land will be disbanded if multiple instances have been recorded. Fake bids are considered ANY winning bidder of a guild that is owned by an officer in the opposing guild, or has less than half the amount of active members of the opposing guild.
    19. Events may present additional rules for players. These rules will be stated before the event is commenced. Disregarding these rules will result in the player’s withdrawal from the event. Multiple disruptions of events and disobedient behavior towards the rules may result in a ban from future events.