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WOI PATCH NOTES [ july 2018]

Download Link:
ONLY use this link to download new client , No patches necessary.

Devastation New Client Release and Update Notes :

All Players Must Download New Client Old Clients Will be Useless.

Players who Register New Account will now Receive 2 million Zen.

Zen Market Has been Re-Vamped

Select Luxury you can buy Devil Fruit to get Demigod Title.

pet zuriel's gift and Heavenly skill pack level 5 added to salary shop.

few other items prize 0 on zen market.

you can get Golden gears at Higara NPC exchange items can be found on zen market New Tab.

Innate Linage players means Starting Character Can Receive level 60 Soul Gear and level 90 Soul Gear at Elora.

Gear Vendor's Sells 100+ Soul Gears just Farm Coins at RA or DH according to your level.

Main Updates as Below :

We Added 11 New Maps to Client : There is a Level Limit for Each Map Check NPC for those at Atlantis Harbor.

Endless Void
Midgard Highlands
Ashen Root's
Midgard Peak
Sacred Peak
Atlantis Reborn
Heaven's Ravine
God's Relic
Ruins of Asgard
Forsaken Wilderness
Floating Island

NPC Located at Atlantis Harbor.

120 Olympian Gears Can Be Upgraded to 130 Olympian Gear Set.

Shield, Claw, for 130 Can be Brought from Heaphatus NPC.

You Can Read Description on Armageddon Origin Deity Gear, & Armageddon Origin Infernal Gear for More Details. to get Deicide Core & Infernal Core.

Most of New NPC Now Exchange Items for Deva Currency.

A lot of New Mounts and Combat Mounts.

A lot of Fashion Sets.

A lot New Olympian Pets.

Athena Dex/Str Version & Athena Dex/Int Version Added Fixed Textures aswell.

Players can check All Screenshots on Forum.
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WOI Patch Note

Please go here for Patcher

Download top Zip file and extract it, copy contents to launcherCFg, replacing all files there, run launcher system will auto patch

1: Re-Created Full Zen Market Removed Unwanted Items.

2: All Boss Drops changed now gives
Advanced Pet Gem
Gods Fruit
Exquisite Font of Wisdom

3: Pet Fortification Fixed for +15
need Advanced Pet Gem after +10

4: All instance Revamped.

5: King of Combat fixed now players higher than level 120 can enter.

6: Linage buff fixed up to level 150

7: Auto Level upto level 80. Max level upto 150

8: Gold Leaf Shop Changed Added New items to it

9: Added Siv Npc Back on Atlantis Platinum Noble Function Removed

10: Legion Bonus Function Removed

11: Added New NPC on Atlantis Next to Winston Deva Exchanger
Shop sells new Pet Eggs for Deva Gold

12: Added New Pets at Winston NPC Need Deva Currency x100
Added New Pets at Deva Exchanger Need Deva Currency x100

13: Added 34 New Pet Eggs Ingame Name List Below. All Olympian Pets
Apollo Str Pet
Apollo Int Pet
Forlorn Nidhogg Larva Str Pet
Forlorn Nidhogg Larva Int Pet
Gemini Guardian Castor Vit/Int
Deneb Vit/Str
Fiona Vit/Int
Europa Vit/Str
Ganymede Vit/Int
Gabrath Vit/Str
God Odin Dex/Str
God Odin Dex/Int
Deathwing Str/Str
Deathwing Int/Int
Immortal Chaos Str/Str
Immortal Chaos Int/Int
Wraith King Str/Str
Wraith King Int/Int
Radine Str/Str
Radine Int/Int
Aratron Str/Str
Aratron Int/Int
Guardian Str/Str
Guardian Int/Int
Hesperus Str/Str
Hesperus Int/Int
Tantalus Str/Str
Tantalus Int/Int
Eualeny Str/Str
Eualeny Int/Int
Hydra the Bone Dragon Str/Str
Hydra the Bone Dragon Int/Int
Crystal Wolf Str/Str
Crystal Wolf Int/Int

14: Added New Mounts Ingame (Event Rewards)
Inferno Horse

15: Added New Drops to This 2 Boss
Titan Queen Rhea
List Below
Deva Currency its not 100% drop Random Chance
Oracle Origin Super Rare Drop
Penance Soul Rare Drop

16: NPC Shop Now Sells Soul Gears

17: Elora NPC now Gives Soul Gears instead of Golden Gears

18: Level up Rewards Changed at Level 40 Level 65 Level 90

19: you can Exchange LEGEN DARY CRU SADE at Smirna NPC now for Devastation Salary which gives 5 Salary

20: Dragon Nest Npc Shop Now Sells Pet Skills for 100 Signet

21: Bounty Quest NPC Shop Revamped

22: Players Can Have More Pet Slots Pet Slot Extension can be Used 50 Times .

23: Potion of Elemental and Potion of Fortune now last for 6 hours

24: Super Tears of Valkyrie HP restores 30000 and Aretimis MP 20000 pots usage times 3333.

25: Pet Pots Usage times 500

26: Soul Gear Drops on SBC, ToW, EFC, CoJ has been Removed

27: Over all Coin Drop Rate back to Normal Rate

28: Cronos Court, Devilhunter Gorge, now Red Zone Have as much as PVP you want

29: New Christmas Event Activated start at 23rd to 26th Server time 20:00
Hero Plaza

30: New Boss Spam Time and Realm Number
Server time 12:30

Cronos Court Realm 1 Aphrodite
Titan's Temple Realm 1 Wicked Tantalus
Titan's Temple Realm 2 Wicked Loki
Ruined Shallows Realm 3 Dark Venus
Ruined Shallows Realm 4 Wicked Apollo

Server time 16:00

Devilhunters Gorge Realm 4 Wicked Tantalus
Devilhunters Gorge Realm 4 Wicked Loki

Server time 20:00

Cronos Court Realm 1 Aphrodite
Titan's Temple Realm 1 Wicked Tantalus
Titan's Temple Realm 2 Wicked Loki
Ruined Shallows Realm 4 Dark Venus
Ruined Shallows Realm 5 Wicked Apollo

Drops list Below;

Sacrificial Spirit
Advanced Pet Gem
Deva Currency rare drop
Oracle Origin Super Rare drop
Pennacle Soul rare drop
Gods fruit level 10
Power potions
Aspect shard
Font of wisdom lv 5
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BB Color Codes

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  • BB Color Codes

    BBCode Color List
    Color Names and HTML codes
    for BBCode Font Colors.

    How Do I Use These?
    • You will see above the post box a small pull down that says "Change Color". Highlight the text you wish to color change, click the "v" button and select a color from the list. You may either choose to keep that color, for basic colors, or replace the name it pops up with either the color name or html code listed below. Make sure if you use a code that you put the # before it.

    HTML Code:
    [color=red]TEXT HERE[/color]
    HTML Code:
    [color=#FF0000]TEXT HERE[/color]

    Alicewhite | F0F8FF
    Antiquewhite | FAEBD7
    Aqua | 00FFFF
    Aquamarine | 7FFFD4
    Azure | F0FFFF
    Beige | F5F5DC
    Bisque | FFE4C4
    Blanchedalmond | FFEBCD
    Blue | 0000FF
    Blueviolet | 8A2BE2
    Brown | A52A2A
    Burlywood | DEB887
    Cadetblue | 5F9EA0
    Chartreuse | 7FFF00
    Chocolate | D2691E
    Coral | FF7F50
    Cornflowerblue | 6495ED
    Cornsilk | FFF8DC
    Crimson | DC143C
    Cyan | 00FFFF
    Darkblue | 00008B
    Darkcyan | 008B8B
    Darkgoldenrod | B8860B
    Darkgray | A9A9A9
    Darkgreen | 006400
    Darkkhaki | BDB76B
    Darkmagenta | 8B008B
    Darkolivegreen | 556B2F
    Darkorange | FF8C00
    Darkorchid | 9932CC
    Darkred | 8B0000
    Darksalmon | E9967A
    Darkseagreen | 8FBC8F
    Darkslateblue | 483D8B
    Darkslategray | 2F4F4F
    Darkturquoise | 00CED1
    Darkviolet | 9400D3
    Deeppink | FF1493
    Deepskyblue | 00BFFF
    Dimgray | 696969
    Dodgerblue | 1E90FF
    Firebrick | B22222
    Floralwhite | FFFAF0
    Forestgreen | 228B22
    Fuchsia | FF00FF
    Gainsboro | DCDCDC
    Ghostwhite | F8F8FF
    Gold | FFD700
    Goldenrod | DAA520
    Gray | 808080
    Green | 008000
    Greenyellow | ADFF2F
    Honeydew | F0FFF0
    Hotpink | FF69B4
    Indianred | CD5C5C
    Indigo | 4B0082
    Ivory | FFFFF0
    Khaki | F0E68C
    Lavender | E6E6FA
    Lavenderblush | FFF0F5
    Lawngreen | 7CFC00
    Lemonchiffon | FFFACD
    Lightblue | ADD8E6
    Lightcoral | F08080
    Lightcyan | E0FFFF
    Lightgoldenrodyellow | FAFAD2
    Lightgreen | 90EE90
    Lightgrey | D3D3D3
    Lightpink | FFB6C1
    Lightsalmon | FFA07A
    Lightseagreen | 20B2AA
    Lightskyblue | 87CEFA
    Lightslategray | 778899
    Lightsteelblue | B0C4DE
    Linen | FAF0E6
    Magenta | FF00FF
    Maroon | 800000
    Mediumaquamarine | 66CDAA
    Mediumblue | 0000CD
    Mediumorchid | BA55D3
    Mediumpurple | 9370D8
    Mediumseagreen | 3CB371
    Mediumslateblue | 7B68EE
    Mediumspringgreen | 00FA9A
    Mediumturquoise | 48D1CC
    Mediumvioletred | C71585
    Midnightblue | 191970
    Mintcream | F5FFFA
    Mistyrose | FFE4E1
    Moccasin | FFE4B5
    Navajowhite | FFDEAD
    Navy | 000080
    Oldlace | FDF5E6
    Olive | 808000
    Olivedrab | 688E23
    Orange | FFA500
    Orangered | FF4500
    Orchid | DA70D6
    Palegoldenrod | EEE8AA
    Palegreen | 98FB98
    Paleturquoise | AFEEEE
    Palevioletred | D87093
    Papayawhip | FFEFD5
    Peachpuff | FFDAB9
    Peru | CD853F
    Pink | FFC0CB
    Plum | DDA0DD
    Powderblue | B0E0E6
    Purple | 800080
    Red | FF0000
    Rosybrown | BC8F8F
    Royalblue | 4169E1
    Saddlebrown | 8B4513
    Salmon | FA8072
    Sandybrown | F4A460
    Seagreen | 2E8B57
    Seashell | FFF5EE
    Sienna | A0522D
    Silver | C0C0C0
    Skyblue | 87CEEB
    Slateblue | 6A5ACD
    Slategray | 708090
    Snow | FFFAFA
    Springgreen | 00FF7F
    Steelblue | 4682B4
    Tan | D2B48C
    Teal | 008080
    Thistle | D8BFD8
    Tomato | FF6347
    Turquoise | 40E0D0
    Violet | EE82EE
    Wheat | F5DEB3
    White | FFFFFF
    Whitesmoke | F5F5F5
    Yellow | FFFF00
    Yellowgreen | 9ACD32