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Devastation Christmas Event 2018

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  • Devastation Christmas Event 2018

    Merry Christmas all, i am pleased to announce the Devastation Christmas event is now active.

    Santa comes baring gifts, randomly spanwed (by Admin) and will drop presents for everyone to collect containing random stuff.

    During the christmas period you can donate to get free red socks,

    $5 - 1 Red Sock
    $10 - 2 Red Sock
    $15 - 3 Red Sock
    $20 - 4 Red Sock

    GM's will be doing events which will reward you with Blue Socks which you can exchange for Red Socks, using 3 blue socks you can get 1 Red sock

    10 x Red socks will get you these pets and these pets are exclusive to the Deva Christmas event and WILL NOT BE IN THE NORMAL DONATION SHOP

    Enjoy and have a happy Xmas, may you get all you wished for

    - Head Admin Yuki -
    Wild Asura Lance Memphis

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    to the honorable devastation team, to be honest in my opinion this will be a futile event.
    1. There is no clarity on how many events are held in 1 day.
    2. In one event, only one round is allowed to win.
    3. In 1 event that is only allowed to win 1 round, only 2 blue socks are given.
    4. and this event will end in 1 week.
    the conclusion is: there is no chance to get the new Pet, by collecting blue socks.
    I apologize as much as possible if the devastation team is not pleased with my opinion.
    I just want to say what I experienced.


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      as you can see there is no specified date, youd need to participate in atleast 15 GM events and youd get a pet, a bit of a grind in events terms but its also a sale promotion linked in aswell, more like killing 2 birds with 1 stone in a way