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DevaStaff: Management



GM NightFury
Position: WOI GM/Deva Secretary
Join Date: December 19th, 2016
Meow Meow = ^ . ^ = I'm NightFury
About Me

I’m very active, friendly, talkative and easy to approach.
I love helping people in any way that I can, I love my friends of which I am very protective over and I’m open to making new friends, I treat others how I would like to be treated with respect, ^_^.
I love cats (but not in the creepy way) lol
I love to hang out with friends and going see movies and such.
I love playing games: WOI, Skyrim, Minecraft to name a few. When I’m not doing that I love fire spinning and flowarts,
I have an obsession with sushi I love it like really can’t get enough of it <3.
I like just about any kind of music excluding pop stuff.
I love to watch movies thrillers, suspense, comedy, horror.
Location: Candy Kingdom
Interest: Cats, watching anime, fire spinning, Gaming, Partying and drawing.
Occupation: Kitten

Position: Forum Admin/Site Dev
Join Date: February 10th, 2015
Howdy. I am your friendly Forum Mod Seki.
About Me
I like playing Runescape and WOI, reading, and watching anime. I also enjoy sausage and zucchini.
Time Zone: PST
Location: OR, USA

DevaStaff: WOI


GM Widow
Position: WOI Head GM
Join Date: February, 2017
Ello i am Widow.
About Me
I am the Spider...
I'm nice an quiet(mostly) I do have my moments of being silly and having fun
Interests: - Love pets in-game and real life
Dislikes: - Dont like drama or stupidity
Location: Washington, USA

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..... {¸¸„ . ·**·¸ ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ¸·**· . „¸¸} .......

GM Atlas
Position: Senior WOI GM/Dev
Join Date: Janurary 1st, 2016
Hey. I'm Atlas.
About Me
I'm a good guy, nice and kind.
I'm funny and silly, sometimes love to mess with others and joke around.
I'm understanding and serious.
I'm fair and I treat everyone the same way.

{¨˜ ˆ°*• ¸ ...... ‹°*¸ .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¸*°› .... ¸ •*°ˆ ˜¨}
.............. `*• .„¸¸} .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .. {¸¸„. •*´ ..............
..... {¸¸„ . ·**·¸ ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ¸·**· . „¸¸} .......

GM Morsy
Position: WOI GM
Join Date: December 30th, 2016
Hi I'm GM Morsy
About Me
I like to play BOI and WOI, I am a chef, I like to travel, meet new people and learn new recipies (there is a story for a every plate)
I like motorcycles, cars not that much but I drive them, I like to watch anime, In our free time me and my friends prefer to go for a tour with motorbikes, I like to listen to all music but I prefer rock music
GM Yuki
Position: WOI GM
Join Date: Julyish, 2016
The names Yuki
About Me
What to tell about myself hmm… well I like playing games such as WOI, TERA and EOS like both PvE and PvP within games (Not that im any good at either) my favourite villain is someone called Yukki Terumi from the Blazblue franchise (From where I got my name) I am currently a student studying immunology at University
Interest - To be quite blunt, my intrests lies within how an organism dies
I like all sorts of music from rap to screamo
I like Anime and manga I even have my own collection of manga (Noragami!!) ^^
Most foods
Dislikes - Nuts
Losing :3
Country music
Unfair fight (in games)

DevaStaff: PW


Retired DevaStaff


GM Agatio
Position: PW GM/PW Forum Mod[Retired]
Join Date: June 1st, 2014
Hi there I am Agatio!
About Me
I am 18 years old. I have been with Devastation for quite sometime, left due to school and work and came back around the end of 2016, I live with my mother currently but soon on my own. I am absolutely scared of nothing, haha. My future job is gonna be an IT Tech Expert. That's all for y'all folks. If you ever have a problem with a player or a problem with PW slap me a message!
I love working on vehicles and computers.
I like all types of spicy food, Chinese food aswell.
I love to vape and I love rap and heavy metal music, my favorite rapper is of course Eminem and my favorite band is Devil Wears Prada.
I love riding Motorcross also and gaming.
GM Ariella[Retired]
Position that was held: Head WOI GM
Join Date: November 1st, 2016
Hi There I am Ariella
About Me
Well Devastation obviously Woi and Boi. I love to make jewelry when I'm not doing much else. I love the PlayStation 1/2/3 and 4, I like to listen to all sorts of music I ride a motorbike. My favorite food is Chinese food but I’ll try anything as long as it doesn’t look back at me or isn’t bleeding. I love watching a good film and chatting with my friends online love to do Jigsaw puzzles find it relaxes me .
GM Gizmo[Retired]
Position that was held: WOI GM
Join Date: December 19th, 2016
Hi guys, I'm Gizmo
About Me

I like a lot of different things, food mainly. Mexican food especially. I enjoy playing RPGs, Skyrim, FF7, Xenogears etc. I enjoy helping new players grow and making new chars. I care a lot about fair play in games. I'm not a big fan of ppl being overly rude to others. Light playful teasing is fine ofc, but when it gets to downright insult, that's where I draw the line.
Location : - USA baby!!!
Occupation : - I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. See u in pvp zone!!!
Position: Head Admin[Retired]
Join Date: January 1, 2007
Good day I am Amelia soft as a rose but can be tough as thorns.
About Me
I see everything in black and white. Gray is not always the best place to be.
I am easy to talk to when you need help.
I have been with the server for 6 years going on 7.
Where has the time as gone?
So I spend what small bit of free time here.
Things I like Cupcakes, Pizza, Coffee,
I have too many pets to list.
I love the color Midnight Blue.
This is my song if you knew me then you will understand.
Occupation: I am a Pediatric & Neonatal Doctor.
GM Cosmo
Position: WOI GM
Join Date: December 19th, 2016
Hi my name is GM Cosmo
About Me
I like to have fun but have a fair sense of judgment but i love to joke around I love dragons and i do mean ABSOLUTELY love dragons.
I love to play woi and have a good time.
I am very rarely serious about anything except a job I am assigned to I like any type of music but gospel and country lol
I love to hang out with friends and go see movies and such. my favorite types of movies are suspense thrillers and action packed.
My favorite type of food is Mexican as long as its "edible" I'll eat it but if i see it looking at me...forget it xD
I believe strongly in the conviction of other ppl as well as have extreme loyalty to my friends.
When you talk to me I am a very understanding person and will do anything I can to help with said situations or if u just want to talk.^.^

Position: Head PW GM and Dev
Join Date: January 1, 2009
Hey I'm GM Unleashed
About Me
I joined Devastation Perfect World 7 years ago, left for few years due to work and rejoined at the start of 2016. Hotel and Bar manager is my job in real life. I developed Perfect World, Head GM and part of Devastation Admin team. Any ideas for perfect world hit me a message on here or in game.
Time Zone : GMT
Location : Porthcawl, Wales, UK